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In April, 2006, Cheer Legendz opened its doors and quickly became the largest cheerleading and dance gym in the Midwest, and among the largest in the US. We enrolled nearly 300 athletes in our All-Star program, and over 300 athletes in our classes program in our inaugural season.  In the following 3 years, we have consistently maintained a census of all-star athletes between 250 and 300, and we continue to grow ~ the 2010-2011 season is our largest to date.

But our size is is only part of the story we have to tell.  We also became the most successful gym in the Midwest, and we are among the most successful gyms in the country.  In our first season, we earned over 50 championships and awards, and that number has grown to over 280 to date.  We became the first gym in the country to earn an invitation to the Cheerleading Worlds Championship in our first year of operations, and we have earned an invitation in each of the 11 seasons in which we have been in business.  28 Cheer Legendz teams have been invited to The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds and The Cheerleading & Dance Summit since 2006

Our size, combined with our success,  solidifies our position as market leaders in St. Louis and in the Midwest.  There are very few gyms in the US that surpass our winning record.

How did we become a clear market leader in cheerleading and dance in our first season, and continue to grow and develop in the following years?   It's our leadership.

Our Head Coach, Chief Choreographer, Gym Manager, and Co-Owner

Anthony Best

Anthony is the dynamic, creative force behind Cheer Legendz and is directly responsible for the leadership that has earned the Cheer Legendz titles and awards since our origination.  Anthony directly manages all aspects of the gym’s operations, including squad creations and development, choreography designs, and coach development.  Anthony has been a leader in cheerleading for over 13 years.  He is an award winning coach and  choreographer and his leadership, management, and creative abilities have been recognized in every aspect of his professional experience.  As a coach, choreographer, and gym owner he has earned over 450 championship titles and awards.

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Anthony's Experience

So, why are we the market leader in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and one of the most successful gyms in the US?  Because of our leadership. No other cheerleading or dance gym in the St. Louis area has the degree of experience, expertise or talent that we have.

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